Spirit Airlines Pet Policy, Fee, And Guidelines For 2021

Spirit Airlines’ pet policy is one of the most user-friendly policies for the passengers. Because it almost clears every doubt about traveling with a pet. Although, there may be several questions that are there in your mind. When you think about traveling with your furry friend.

But for most of us, The policies on the airline’s websites are not that much clear. That’s why we always have to call the airlines directly. Whether we have to add a pet to our reservation, Or We just want to ask about the weight, fees, and other Guidelines.

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Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

Well, Spirit Airlines’ Pet policy here is the best example of, How airlines must mention the so-called underrated policies onto their websites. So that everyone can understand it directly by reading it online. Rather than calling the airlines’ customer service teams. So let’s have a look at the details of the Spirits’ Pet Policy.

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Do Spirit Airlines Allows Pet Onboard?


Spirit Airlines simply wants you to travel with your beloved pet on all the domestic flights that they operate. The flights that not only limited to USA domestic sector but also includes Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and U.S Virgin Island. But your pets can be placed in the guest cabin onboard while flying with the Spirit Airlines.

However, kindly note that from January 11, 2021, As per Spirit Airlines’ Pet Policy. All the Emotional Support Animals (ESAN) must travel as a pet. This is a must as per the directives of the Department Of Transportation. But the animals must some of the requirements that have been set by the DOT.

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What Kind Of Pets Are Allowed To Travel At Spirit Airlines?

Well, Spirit is aware that sometimes, the animals may not be very comfortable in traveling in a cage. But some times, the nature of the animal can be the biggest obstacle in allowing them onboard. That’s why as per the Spirit Airlines’ Pet Policy. The type of animals from below only can fly with the passenger on any domestic flight. However there are some restrictions for the birds and rabbits.

  1. Small domestic Dogs and Cats can fly easily on Spirit Airlines domestic flights including Puerto Rico, and U.S.V.I (U.S Virgin Islands).
  2. The small household birds can fly onboard on Spirit Airlines Domestic Flights. But not on flights to, from Puerto Rico, and U.S.V.I
  3. Domestic Rabbits are also not allowed to travel on flights to/from Peurto Rico, and U.S.V.I. But a passenger can easily carry them on all the other domestic flights within The USA as per Spirit Airline’s Pet Policy.

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Which Birds Can Not Travel Onboard As Per Spirits’ Pet Policy?

  • Poultry Animals
  • Flightless Birds – Birds that can not fly. Penguin, Kiwi, and Ostrich are the most common examples.
  • Waterfowls – Ducks, Geese, and Swans like birds that are strong swimmers.
  • Birds Of Prey – The birds that are attacking in nature and can eat flesh. Vultures, Eagles, and Hawks are a few examples.
  • Game Birds – The birds that are hunted for sports, or for consumption by the human. For example Turkey, Landfowl, Geese, and Wild Turkey.

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How To Add A Pet To Your Reservation?

Well, adding a pet online to your reservations is not yet possible with Spirit Airlines. Because Spirit can carry only 6 Pet containers on a domestic flight. That also with 2 pets in each container. That’s why as per the Spirit airlines pet policy. A passenger has to inform the customer service or reservations teams at the time of making a reservation for yourself. You can use any of the below to get in touch with Spirit Airlines.

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Check-In Guidelines For Passengers Traveling With A Pet

  1. As per the Spirit Airlines Pet Policy, Passengers traveling with a pet can check-in at the airport only.
  2. A passenger with a pet can not Check-in online.
  3. Self-check-in or Curbside is not allowed for passengers with a pet(s).
  4. Guest needs to arrive earlier than the standard check-in time, If they are traveling with a pet onboard.
  5. Before check-in, You need to present your animal in front of security Screeners for screening.

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Spirit Airlines Pet Carriers’ Dimensions And Guidelines

  1. The pet container must be approved by Spirit Airlines First.
  2. Pet containers’ dimensions must not exceed 18 x 14 x 9 inches or 45.72cm x 35.56 cm x 22.86cm in Centi-meters..
  3. The Pet container must fit under the Seats.
  4. Your pet container will be counted as 1 + 1 carry-on luggage.
  5. Passengers can carry only soft-head containers.
  6. The containers that allow pet’s head to stay outside is not acceptable onboard.
  7. Pet container must be a govt. a certified carrier that can carry and handle the pet throughout the journey.
  8. The total weight of the Pet + Carrier must not be more than 40 Pounds. That is 18.14KG.
  9. As per the Spirit Airlines Pet Policy, A pet must be able to Sit, Stand, and Turn-Around inside the carrier.

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Guidelines To Follow When Traveling With A Pet

  • You need not present the health certificate of your pet If it is traveling with you in the aircraft cabin.
  • However, the above guidelines work only for domestic flights in the USA. But not for the flights to U.S Virgin Islands (U.S.V.I).
  • You need not provide rabbis vaccination If you are traveling to Puerto Rico and your pet is traveling with you.
  • Exotic and harmful animals like Snakes, Spiders, and rodents are not acceptable to travel with Spirit Airlines.
  • The pet must remain in the container throughout the journey as per Spirit Airlines’ Pet Policy.
  • Your pet must be 8 weeks old.
  • The animal must not require any additional care during the flight.
  • As per the Spirits pet policy, The animal must be harmless, Odorless, and must be inoffensive.
  • If the animal causes a disturbance or becomes offensive while screening. Spirit Airlines will not accept it onboard.
  • The pet must be in a good health to travel and must not be ill.
  • You need to inform about your travel with a pet advance to the Spirit Airlines customer service team.
  • Other than the first and emergency exit rows, You can sit anywhere on the flight.

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Spirit Airlines Pet Policy FAQ

How Much Is The Fee To Add A Pet To My Reservations?

$110 per container per way

Do Spirit Allows Pet In Cargo Compartments?


Can I Carry My Pet On International Flight With Spirit Airlines?

No, As Per The Spirit Airlines’ Pet Policy, No Pets Are Acceptable On International Flights

Can Service Animals Travel To International Destinations?

Yes, After Providing A Certain Documents In Support Of A Service Animal. You Can Take It As A Pet Onboard.

How To Add A Service Animal To My Reservation?

Call Spirit Airlines At +1-888-883-8143. Depending upon your destination. You may have to show some documents. Afterwards, You can carry your Pet along with you.

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What If A Passenger Is Allergic Of A Pet On The Flight?

Well, Spirit Airlines always try to care about our passengers. Whether these are humans or our little or big Furry friends. That’s why If you are allergic of animals or pets. Then Spirit will definitely offer you a different seat. No only this, If you allow, You may be put on the very next flight to your destination.

But it is not possible for the airlines to inform their passengers earlier about the pet. That is going to travel on the flight with them. Hence it is advisable for the passengers to take proper medicines and precautionary measures. In the case of exposure to any allergy during a flight.

Still, Having Doubts?

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