Flair Cancellation Policy, Refunds & Change Fee – Explained

Flair Cancellation Policy is simple and flexible exactly as the Canadian Ultra Low cost Airline Itself. Canada based Flair Airlines policies are easy to understand and depends upon several factors like any major airline in the USA or CANADA.

So, Let’s take a look at the Cancellation Policy first. Then we will discuss about the refund a passenger can get. Last but not the least, How much change or cancellation fee/charge one has to pay?

Flair Cancellation Policy – Quick View

  • Cancellation within 24 hours of booking can give you a full refund.
  • Domestic and International flights have different cancellation policies.
  • If a passenger cancels his/her domestic flight 24 hours prior to departure. Cancellation fees apply
  • Flights can be canceled at the max 3 hours prior to departure.
  • No Credit or Refund will be given in the case of a No Show or Missed Flights.
  • No Refund or Credit will be there against the flights canceled within 3 hours prior to departure.
  • A passenger can not ask for a refund If the fare went down after making the reservation.

Note: Flair Airlines will provide you with a full refund against a canceled flight. If the cancellation occurs due to a death, or illness of any permanent family member.

However, to get a full refund, A passenger must have to provide valid proof of his/her statement regarding the state of illness or death.

Flair Airlines Cancellation Fees/Charges

Cancellation Time PeriodFeesDescription
Cancellation Within 24 Hours Of Reservations$0Full refund in case of flight cancellation. Provided the scheduled departure must be more than 7 days away,
Flight Cancellation Policy With Big Bundle$0Cancellation Up to 3 hours prior to departure is allowed with Big Bundle. Credit with 2 years of validity will be issued to the passenger.
Cancellation Within 3 to 48 hours prior to departure$99 + tax per flight, per passengerA passenger will get a Future Travel Credit With 2 Years Of Validity.
Flight Cancellations Within 48 hours to 7 days prior to departure$59 + tax per flight, per passengerA Future Travel Credit With 2 Years Of Validity Will Be Provided By Flair Airlines.
Cancellation Fee For The Flights That Are 7 or More Days Away From Departure$39 + tax per flight, per passengerTravel credit – Cancellation = Balance travel credit with 24 months Of Validity will be given to the passenger.

Note: All The Cancellation Charges/Fees mentioned Above Are In CAD $. Equivalent cancellation charges will be there for the passenger paid in USD $.

** Validity Of Future Travel Credit, That Is 24 Months / 2 Years will be valid from the date of making the actual reservation and not from the cancellation date.

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What Are The Bundles Offered By Flair Airlines?

Flair Airlines Offers 2 Bundles, Which add a few benefits like Baggage Allowances, Priority Boarding, and Flexible Cancellation to your reservations.

Obviously, Flair Airlines charges some extra bucks from the passengers for their bundles. So, Let’s see what a passenger gets in these bundle options.

Flair Airlines Basic Bundle$50 to $90 + tax per flight, per passengerThe package includes 1 Carry-on item, 1 Personal Item, And 1 Check Baggage.
Flair Airlines Big Bundle$63 to $104 + tax per flight, per passengerThis Package Includes Flight Cancellation Up to 3 Hours Prior To A Scheduled Departure. 1 Carry-on Bag, 1 Personal Item, 1 Checked Bag, And Priority Boarding.

Important Note: Flair Airlines advices all the passengers to buy any of the above mentioned bundles at the time of making your reservations only. However, It is not mandatory and a passenger can proceed even without adding it.

Wait, If a passenger later feels, that he/she must have bought these bundles earlier. Then there is a Good News for all the passengers.

Flair Airlines Actually allows you to add these bundles even 3 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure.

Flair Airlines Flight Change Fees

Flair Flight Change Time PeriodChange FeesDescription
Flight Change Fee, If a Passenger Bought TravelFlex Or Big Bundle with Flair Airlines Tickets$0 + Fare DifferenceOnly 1 Change Is Free Of Cost, That A Passenger Can Request Even Up to 3 Hours Prior To the Scheduled Departure Of the Flight. However, A Passenger Must Pay The Fare Difference.
Flair Airlines Flight Change Request Within 3 Hours To 48 Hours Prior To Departure$89 + taxes + Fare DifferenceChanges Can Be Requested Up to 3 Hours Prior To The Scheduled Departure. However, The Changed Date Must Be Within 12 Months
Flair Flight Change Fee Within 48 hours to 7 Days prior to a Scheduled Departure$49 + taxes + Fare DifferenceChanges Can be Done Up to 3 hours prior to departure.
Flight Change Fee If The Flights Are 7 or More Days Away$29 + taxes + Fare Difference

What Is TRAVELFLEX Offered By Flair Airlines?

TravelFlex or Big Bundle actually adds some benefits to a passenger’s reservations for a few more bucks. As Per the Flair Cancellation Policy, A passenger must have to pay some changes or cancellations fee every time.

However, the fee charged against any changes or cancellations also depends upon the time. Like how sooner or later you as a passenger realized that you have to change or cancel your flair flight tickets.

So, to save a passenger from these unexpected conditions that can put some extra crunch on your pocket. Flair Airlines Ltd. introduces TRAVELFLEX.

As per the TravelFlex description available on flyflair.com, The 2 major benefits of TRAVELFLEX are:

  1. You need not pay any change fee for the first changes you are requesting. However, a passenger has to pay the fare difference.
  2. Any passenger can add TravelFlex to their ticket at Just $10 + taxes, per flight, per passenger.

Note: Eligible Flight Changes Under TravelFlex are Time Of Travel, Date of Travel, and Origin or Destination Of The Journey.

Flair Airlines Policy For TravelFlex

  1. Flair Flight Changes Can Be Requested Up to 3 Hours Prior To Departure.
  2. TravelFlex Can be Added to a reservation at the time of making it or within 24 hours after making the reservation.
  3. TravelFlex must be purchased separately for all the passengers on a PNR.
  4. If a flight will be departing in less than 24 hours, the TravelFlex option will not be available.

What If Flair Airlines Canceled My Flight?

The flight Cancellation ratio is very less with Flair Airlines. But, If a flight cancels due to unforeseen reasons. The refund or the options to compensate the passengers depends upon the factors responsible. Let’s have a look at some of the details as per the Flair Cancellation Policy.

Flight Cancellation Due To Factors Controlled By Flair Airlines

If a flight is delayed or canceled due to any technical glitches at the ground level, or any factor that directly or indirectly Flair airlines can control. Then a passenger will be liable to get a complete refund in the original payment method.

However, Flair airlines will automatically book a seat for the passenger on the next available flight. But It completely depends upon the passenger, Whether he/she wants to fly or leave the money as a future credit or wants a complete refund.

Not only, but also airlines will offer you many compensations like lounge access, Food, Hotel arrangement, and A voucher with some value over and above your ticket’s face value.

In short, A passenger can ask for the maximum benefits from Flair Airlines. If the flight is canceled due to their mistake

Flights Cancellations Due To Uncontrollable Conditions

Uncontrollable Conditions are bad weather, storm, natural disasters, or anything that Flair Airlines can not control and is considered an act of nature. In that case, airlines will put all the passengers on the next available flight.

Although no passenger can get a refund for their source payment method. But if anyone is not comfortable flying anymore due to timings to missed connections. Then he/she can get a future travel credit with a validity of 24 months.

How Much Time Does Flair Airline Take To Process A Refund?

Refunds for flights canceled by Flair Airlines will be processed as soon as possible and will be refunded to the original form of payment.

Just in case you booked a flight with a travel agent or any third-party website, you must contact them directly for obtaining a refund.

If you purchased your ticket with a credit or debit card, the refund will be processed back to that card within 7-10 business days.

If you paid in cash or with another form of payment, you will need to provide Flair Airlines with a
mailing address so they can process a check refund.

Note: Sometimes it could take up to 30 days for processing a refund.

How To Cancel A Flair Airlines Flight?

To Cancel A Flair Airlines Flight Ticket, You Can Visit their My Trip page, Visit the contact page and cancel your flight through a chatbot, or you can call Flair airlines customer service at +1-833-711-2333, Hours of Operation: 7 am-9 pm MST.

But If you are comfortable with canceling your flights online. Then follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  1. Enter your Reservation Number and Last Name on the My Trips Page & Click “Find My Trip”.
  2. Select the flight you want to cancel or change.
  3. Click on proceed, Process the changes or cancellations by paying the remaining fees or charges as per your ticket and fare type.

Please Read The Flair Cancellation Policy Carefully. Because You Will Get A Refund If The Cancellation Will Be As Per The Flair Airlines Policies.

To Get A Better Insight About Flair Airlines Ltd. Read, What The Passengers Are Saying About The Airlines. So That You Can Decide Whether, You Should Fly With Flair Airlines Or NOt.

Click On The TripAdvisor.com Page Of Flair Airlines.

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