Spirit Airlines Minor Policy Upcoming Changes For 2022

Spirit Airlines Policy for a child, Minor, and Infant are simple and user friendly. So that you can make hassle-free reservations for your child.

There is no doubt that Spirit Airlines is one of the best Low-cost-carrier in the USA. Although, It is not wrong to call it an Ultra-Low-Cost-Carrier. But to maintain its tag of Ultra-Low-Cost-Carrier. Spirit charges for almost everything. That includes charges for Baggage, Seat assignment, inflight amenities, and sometimes making a reservation over the call as well.

However, If we talk about Spirit Airlines Policy for a child. The airlines follow a bit strict but really helpful guidelines. That can help the parents or guardians of the child with the reservations, boarding, check-in, and pick and drop.

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Who Is A Minor As Per The Spirit Airlines Policy?

Well, As per Spirit Airlines, Any child of the age of 5 Years to 14 Years will be considered as a minor. That’s why spirit will not allow any passenger of this age group and the age group of children 4 years and below to travel alone on its flights.

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Do Spirit Airlines Allow Minors To Travel Alone?

Yes, Spirit Airlines allows children to travel alone. But some certain terms and conditions are there. That we need to take care of while booking a flight for a minor or traveling with an Infant.

Spirits Age Rule For Children

Age 4 Years And Below

Spirit Airlines considered a child of the age of 4 years and below as a lap child or infant. As I already mentioned above that Spirits never allow a child of this group to travel alone on any of its domestic or international flights. But if a passenger of at least 15 years of age is traveling with the child. Only then a child from 4 years or below can travel at Spirit Airlines. That also in the domestic sector only.

From Age 5 Years To 14 Years

Well, As per the Spirit Airlines Policy. Any passenger of age 5 Years to 14 Years is known as a minor. But in this age group, the children can travel alone and will be considered as Unaccompanied Minor. However, a minor, If traveling alone can travel on domestic flights only. But if the minor is accompanied by an adult passenger. Only then a child can travel on an International Flight.

Age 15 Years And Above

The passengers of this age group will not be considered as minors but an adult. However, if the parents or the guardians of the passenger from this age group still require the unaccompanied minor service. Then you can request the same by paying a small service charge.

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Terms & Conditions For Booking A Flight For A Minor

  1. Children of age 4 Years and below can not travel alone on Spirit Airlines.
  2. A passenger of age 5 years to 14 years can fly alone on domestic flights including Puerto Rico, and the U.S Virgin Islands.
  3. A Minor can travel on direct flights only.
  4. Spirit Airlines never allows an unaccompanied minor to fly on an International flight.
  5. Minors can not travel on connecting flights or on the flights that need to change amid the journey to complete.
  6. Snacks and drinks will be there while flying with the Spirit. But an additional fee for the same must be paid by the parent(s) or the guardians.

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How Much Is The Service Charges For Minor And Infant?

As per the Spirit Airlines policy, A service charge of $100 per passenger each way will be applicable for an Unaccompanied minor. Although a lap child or an infant can travel for free. But some taxes and fees will be there while traveling to certain countries.

Spirit Airlines Minor And Infant Fee

So as you can see from the image above the Unaccompanied Minors Fee is $100 per customer each way. That also includes the charges of snacks and beverages for your child. But these charges are independent of the route at which your child is going to fly. That means the charge of $100 is fixed irrespective of the fare and total ticket amount.

Example 1 To Understand One-way Flight Fare For A Minor

While searching for a one-way flight for your minor. Suppose you got a fare of $55. Then after adding the minor fee of $100, The total fare will be $55 + $100 = $155. You have to pay $155 at the time of making a reservation for your minor. However, you will have to pay an additional agent service fee of $35. If you will book your flight tickets by Calling Spirit Airlines Customer Service at +1-855-728-3555. But to save the agent service fee, You can call toll-free at +1-844-259-6001.

Example 2 To understand Round Trip Flight Fare For A Minor

Let’s assume that a round-trip domestic flight fare with Spirit Airlines is $90. Now minor service charge for each way is $100. That means for a round trip journey, You have to pay $200 as an unaccompanied minor service charge. Thus the total fare will be $90 + $100 + $100 = $290. That needs to get paid upfront while booking a round trip domestic flight with Spirit Airlines.

However, you need to pay the taxes and fees only while flying on Spirit Airlines with an Infant. But only 1 lap child or infant is allowed to travel with an adult on Spirits flights.

Expert Advice: You have the option to pay the minor charges at the airport itself. But it will be much better to pay it online while making a reservations. This can shorten the boarding process for the minor at the airport.

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How To Make Spirit Airlines Reservations For A Minor?

  1. While making a reservation for an Unaccompanied Minor. Simply select the number of children. But the numbers of adults must set to zero.
  2. After selecting the “From” and “To” along with the journey type and date. As soon as you will click the “Search Flights” button. A pop up will appear. That needs to get filled with the age of the child or the children traveling. As for the correct fare calculation. Spirit needs the correct Date Of Birth of your child.
  3. After putting the DOB of your child. The very next pop up at Spirit Airlines will let you know that if the child that is traveling can be counted as a minor or not. if the child will be counted as a minor. Then simply click the “Accept” button. Follow the on-screen instructions. Check the details of the minor, Pay for the same and you are done.

However, after making the online reservation for your child, If traveling alone. You need to Call Spirit Airlines at +1-855-728-3555. So that they can help you further with the check-in, boarding, and several other formalities. Although the same will be applicable in the case if you are traveling with an infant. Although you need not pay the complete ticket amount for an infant with Spirit Airlines. But you have to pay the applicable taxes and the fees.

So it is advisable to book a flight online. If you are traveling with an infant. So that the reservation can be made without any mistakes and hassle-free.

Spirit Airlines Rules For An Unaccompanied Minor

  • Parents or guardians must inform Spirit Airlines. That the reservation is been made for a minor.
  • You must check-in at the ticket counter at least 60 minutes prior to your scheduled flight departure.
  • A letter of consent must be filled by the parent(s) or the guardians at the time of drop off your child.
  • You have to provide a proper Photo ID of the child. Before Spirit Airlines accept the child and allows him/her to check-in.
  • The unaccompanied minor form will be inserted in the lanyard provided by Spirit Airlines.
  • A minor must wear the lanyard throughout the journey. That helps Spirits staff in identifying the minor passenger.
  • The person dropping off the child must request a gate pass from the ticket counter.
  • The person must escort the child to the gate and must remain within the gates until the flight departs.
  • Only a Non-traveling passenger can get the gate pass.
  • The parent or guardian, After dropping off the child must remain on the premises for the next 15 minutes after the flight departs.
  • The child passenger must be pre-boarded and the Spirit Airlines staff must be identified to the passenger as an unaccompanied minor.
  • The name of the person that is going to drop or pick up the child must match the names. That had been mentioned in the letter of consent.
  • The parents either dropping or picking up the child must reach the gates as early as possible.
  • Spirit Airlines will hand over the minor only after a proper Photo ID verification of the parent or the guardian.
  • However, In the case of an infant traveling with Spirit Airlines. Along with the letter of consent. Photo ID verification is a must and important.

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Spirit Airlines Policy For Infants Or A Lap Child

  1. A child from 7 days to 23 months old is a lap child as per the Spirit Airlines policy for children.
  2. You need not buy extra for your lap child. Until the child will become 2 years or older amid the complete journey.
  3. You have the pay certain taxes and fees if the child is 2 years old. But the charges depends on the traveling destination as well.
  4. You must have to provide a valid photo ID proof of the infant while check-in with Spirit Airlines.
  5. Only 1 lap child is allowed per passenger of the age 15 years or older.
  6. An infant of 7 days old or less. That requires incubators or other life support systems will not be allowed to travel with Spirit Airlines.
  7. Lap children or infants are not allowed to sit at the emergency exit or in front of the emergency exit rows.
  8. You can add an infant to the reservations online by visiting Spirit.com or by Calling Spirit Airlines Customer service at +1-844-538-3186.
  9. However, to save convenience fee on making reservations for an infant. call toll-free:- +1-844-538-3186.

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