Last Minute Flight Deals: Extremely Cheap Flights Starting From $17 Only

You have come to the right place if you are looking for Last Minute Flight Deals. Well, sometimes. You may have to book a flight at any price available. Because of the emergency conditions. This can be any business emergency. Any medical emergency. Any relative’s wedding, or birthday party. So, In all these cases. You must not only be looking for last-minute flight deals but also the flights at the cheapest prices ever.

So, We welcome you to Travelomonk. Where you can compare more than 1000 cheap last minute flights. And get 10% Off on booking tickets From last minute flight deals with an assured cashback of up to $100. Not only 1 flight search engine. But we are providing you 3 self-made and a list of Top 30 best flight search engines in the USA. Where you can compare your last minute flights to anywhere across the globe. And book from the cheap last minute flights available. So, we are going to explain to you the way of. How to find extremely cheap last minute flights?

How To Find Extremely Cheap Last Minute Flight Deals?

Well, there are actually 2 ways to do find the same.

1. You can call our toll-free number: +1-844-259-6001 and check about all the cheap unpublished last minute flight deals.

2. You can simply perform a search on some of the best flight comparison websites like,,, and

You should be aware of some tips and tricks along with searching the flight comparison websites to get the best available deals. Don’t worry. We are going to explain each and everything in the remaining post. But the complete list of tips and tricks will be available in the upcoming post. So, please keep reading to know. How to use flight search engines to book cheap last minute flights to anywhere across the globe?

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Extremely Cheap Last Minute Flight Deals

Fare Starts From $12 On-wards. Book Your Flights Now. Call Toll-Free: +1-844-259-6001

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Search Last Minute Flight Deals On Skyscanner

Personally, We consider Skyscanner as one of the best flight search engines to search for the cheapest flight deals. Because of the routes that Skyscanner is holding. You will not find the same anywhere else.

Let’s Have A Look At The Skyscanner Search Engine.

We Are Showing The Flawless Working Example Of The Skyscanner Search Engine In The Image Gallery Below. By Searching Cheap Last Minute Flight Deals From CLT – PHX For May 20th = $350 One-Way Only

Last minute flight deals
  1. So, You just have to put the origin and destination with the date range as per your need. And click on “SEARCH”.
  2. Skyscanner will show you the flights with some default best in the class filters. Which can help you narrow down the results shown Above.
  3. You can simply select direct or 1 stop flights from flights shown and after reading the terms and conditions and the fare break down of the flight ticket. You will be redirected to the website from where the cheapest flight is being shown on Skyscanner. So that you can complete the booking as soon as possible and grab your flight which you selected from the cheap last minute flights displayed.

Isn’t It Easy As 1, 2, 3? And Luckily It Only Has 3 Steps booking process to find and book a cheap last minute flight.

What’s Unique In Skyscanner?

  1. Get Price Alert: Well, This is the most common feature which every big flight comparison website like Google Flights, Momondo, Trip Advisor Flights, And Cheapoair is providing. Similarly At Skyscanner. You can easily set an alert for your last minute flight deals fares while searching. So, whenever the flight prices will go up or down. This price alert system will notify you.
  2. Show Whole Month: Okay so like airlines low fare calendar which shows the flight prices for the entire month. Skyscanner also has this feature and it is present just above the price alert option. It will show you cheap last minute flight deals available throughout the month with some regular fares as well.
  3. Greener Choice Flights: This is the best part that Skyscanner introduced. Because you are getting an option to select a flight that emits approx 6% less CO2 in the environment. And The Airlines had been marked as “Greener Choice”. The fare may be a bit high under this category. This unique option to find last minute flight deals is not present with any other airline or travel company

Is Momondo Good For Searching Last Minute Flight Deals?

Absolutely Yes, you can search, compare, and book from the last minute flight deals available at Momondo. Well, if we talk about only searching the cheap last minute flights. Then it is good to go. But you yourself have to decide whether it is good for booking that flight or not.

Let’s See What Momondo Search Engine Have For Us?

Like, google flights and Skyscanner. Momondo is also a metasearch website which is also known as one of the best flight search engines to find cheap last minute flights. Momondo’s search engine is powered by Please refer to the images below

cheap last minute flights
  1. As you can see in the first image. Similar to all the flight comparison websites. A flight search engine is given on the Momondo flights as well. Which is a simple self-explanatory search box. We tried the same search i.e. CLT – PHX On May 20th = $494 One-way
  • Earlier there was no multi-city search option present on Momondo search engine. But now it is available. That means you can book a flight to different cities in a single go. But the last minute flight deals may not be present in multi-city search.

2. As soon as you will click on “SEARCH”. Momondo will show you 1000s of cheap last minute flights. After filtration as per your preference. Momondo will redirect you to the airline or travel company from where you were getting the desired deal.

What Is Unique In Momondo flight search engine?

  1. Flexible Options And Fare Alerts: As you can see in image 2 above that apart from fare alerts that most of the comparison websites have. Momondo has a unique feature to select flexible options. Which can help you find the cheapest last minute flight deals by adjusting your date +-3 To +- 5 Days. That means if you can modify your travel dates as per Momondo. It tends to show you some good cheap last minute flights. That can save you good money.
  2. Select Payment Method: Well, Momondo is displaying the payment method selection as a filter at the search result page. And this is because if there are any discounts or cashback going on with the airline or travel company. You can avail some good discounts through it.

Skyscanner Vs Momondo

Well, Both the flight search engines work exactly the same. Both have an approx same user interface with almost all the similar features. But as per the search for the flight CLT – PHX on May 20th shows the fare difference of approx. $100 in both search engines.

Skyscanner has some very good and better pricing routes than Momondo. And Because the hunt is for the cheap last minute flight deals. Skyscanner is a clear winner.

However, This is just a sole opinion and view of the and we do not intend to hurt anyone by placing any company at number 1 and number 2.

Several other questions and queries are there related to last minute flight deals And we will be sharing that as well in our upcoming article.

When To Buy A Last Minute Flight?

Well, If we talk about the situation. You should always look for the last minute flight. If the travel is unplanned But the need for the hour. Which you can not avoid. Then the only option left for you is to book the flight from the last minute flight deals available on the day at which you want to travel.

Can You Book Last Minute Flights At The Airport?

Well, Booking last minute flights at the airport can be an option. If you don’t mind standing in a queue or go through the check-in process. But the first and the foremost thing is that. There should be someone at the ticket counter. Who can tell you about the availability and book your last minute flight as soon as possible.

But we suggest that you should always book your last minute flight over the call before reaching the airport. Because you will not be disappointed. If you find the airport ticket counter closed. And the biggest benefit is you need not standing in the long queues.

Can Last Minute Flights Be Cheaper?

Well, As it is a last minute flight. So including you, Your travel agent or the airline is also aware of your emergency travel. That’s why you may end up paying a little bit higher for your last minute flight. But you can get it cheaper only if you are going for a “Funeral” Or If you have any “family emergency”

We are eagerly waiting to know about your secret of grasping the cheap flights every time. Please share your tricks, views, or opinions and win a chance to get Up-to $100 cashback onto your next flight booking. Thank You!!!

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