United Airlines Minor Policy, Fee, And Accepted Ids Details 2022

United Airlines minor policy is simple ad straightforward. That helps the guardian or the parents of the children to understand the dos and don’ts easily. United Airlines’ emphasis is on providing the most comfortable and pleasant experience. Especially, to the young ones that are traveling alone.

No matter if your children are going on a holiday or on an education trip. Every parent or guardian can rely on United Airlines for the safety of their minor.

United Airlines Minor Policy
Source: United.com

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United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

  • Children from 5years to 14years, If flying solo, must book unaccompanied minor services.
  • $150 is the one-way service fee for up-to 2 unaccompanied minors.
  • Children of 15years or older can fly alone with United Airlines.
  • Minor can travel only on a non-stop flights as per United Airlines policy.
  • A seat, free food (if available), and preboarding are included in the Unaccompanied Minor fee.
  • A passenger can request unaccompanied service by calling (844) 538-3186 or visiting United.com
  • Select 0 adults and the child’s age range to book an Unaccompanied Minor ticket through United.com.
  • Solo travelers from 15-17 years of age can also ask for Unaccompanied minor service.
  • Unaccompanied minor is not allowed on connecting United Airlines flights.

What Travel Documents Are Neccessary For A Minor?

Well, Travel document proof changes as per the domestic or international sector. That does not mean that a minor can travel on an international flight. But an ID proof must be there with the child. That is arriving in the U.S with United Airlines. Please find the details below:

  1. Unaccompanied minors from 5years – 14years are not required to show any ID while check-in. But they must carry some sort of ID proof while traveling.
  2. Young children from 15years – 17years can carry driver’s licence, School ID, SSN card, Passport, or Liberary card.
  3. Adult travelers that are 18 years or olders must carry any govt. issue ID card that contains name, date of birth, gender, and expiration date.
  4. However, the minors traveling with an adult of 18 years or older need not display any ID as per the United Airlines minor policy.

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Unaccompanied Minor Charges With United Airways

Let’s have a look at the United Airways Minor Charges. However, the fees we are going to explain are for one-way flights. But the charges simply got 2x for a round-trip flight.

  1. Up-to 2 Children: Unaccompanied Minor Fee Is $150 One-way and $300 For Round-trip
  2. From 3-4 Children: The minor fee is $300 for a One-way flight and $600 for a Round-trip.
  3. For 5-6 Children: The Fee for an Unaccompanied minor will be $450 One-way flight and $900 for round-trip.

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How To Make United Airlines Reservations For An Unaccompanied Minor?

Well, The reservation process for a minor is exactly the same as for an adult. However, there is a small change while finding and booking a flight for a minor.

  1. Simply Visit United Airlines Official Website: United.com
  2. Head onto the Flight Search Form.
  3. Keep the number of adults at “0” in United airline’s flight search form.
  4. Increase the number of children as per the age group on the flight search form.

Image Source: United.com

Well, the simplest part here is you can not only book a flight for your minor by yourself. But also, You can select a seat, or request any additional facility directly through the website.

However, If you are not much comfortable in booking a flight online. Then you can always call United Airlines Reservations Team @ 1-800-864-8331. But you have to provide all the information over the call. That includes but is not limited to the name of the minor passenger, Pick-up and Drop off details, etc. Although making a reservation through the website or United Airlines’ Official app is free.

But you have to pay a $25 fee to book a flight for the minor over the call. However, If you like to save that $25 booking fee and don’t want to book it by yourself either. Then you can always rely on United Airlines Authorized Travel Agents in your city, province, or state. But for grabbing last-minute flight deals with United Airlines, or for making any modifications to your minor’s reservation. You can always call our direct line at +1-844-53-3186.

So, As per the United Airlines Minor Policy, Only Minor fees will be there. No additional or hidden charges will be there.

What If An Adult And A Child Traveling In The Same Flight On Separate Reservations?

Well, If you along with your children is traveling together but on a separate reservation. Then you need not opt for an Unaccompanied minor service. But you have to inform the United Airlines Customer Service team about the situation at the time of booking. If you somehow missed it, You can always inform United Customer service about the same approx. 4 hours prior to your flights.

Do not forget to provide the exact and clean information to the United Staff. Because it can cause you more trouble and consume more time, in the case of discrepancy in the details of your reservations. Moreover, not to forget that your child have to check in with a United Airlines representative at the airport. That is because no web or mobile check-in is allowed for children less than 15 years of age.

A Few Things To Discuss With Your Child Before Travel

Every parent or guardian is concerned about their child. As a result, they want max security and comfort for their children. No matter if it is regarding the playing, studies, travel, or anything else. After considering this fact, United Airlines prepares a checklist for every parent.

That consists of some does and don’ts, A few details about the boarding process, and how their overall flying experience can be. United Airlines urges you to discuss these things with your minor before their travel. So let’s have a look at some points:

  1. Write down your phone numbers on a paper, dairy, or something. So that you child can call you, When in need.
  2. Discuss your flying experience with your child. or atleast share an insight into, How it feels to be in the air.
  3. Make your child aware that they will be meeting an Un-familiar United Airlines representative. That will help them check-in and borading the flight.
  4. Charge their electronic devices completely. (If they will be carrying any)
  5. Inform your child that they can ask for anything to United Airlines representative. That can make their journey fun, enjoyable and safe at the same time.

United Airlines Check-in Guidelines For An Unaccompanied Minor

  1. As per the United Minor Policy, Web or online check-in is not allowed for children under 15 years of age.
  2. Every Unaccompanied Minor must check-in throught the airport check-in counter only.
  3. United Airlines staff will and verify the details of the parents or the guardians. Who is dropping off and will be going to pick up the child from the arrival airport.
  4. A special wrist-band and a bag tag will be given to the unaccompanied minor. So that the flight attendants can identify that the child is traveling solo.
  5. All the inportant documents like boarding pass, Unaccompanied minor form, passport, and their baggage claim receipts will be kept in an envelope by United airlines’ representative at the airport.
  6. United Ailrine will share a direct line phone number with the parent or the guardian of the child. But after the trip starts.
  7. The most important guideline is that you along with your child have to be at the airport approx. 1 hour prior to the flight’s departure time.

United Airlines Airport Security Guidelines For Parents, Or Guardian Of The Minor

If The Flight Is Departing from The U.S

When a parent or the guardian is checking through the United Airlines counter at the airport. You can get a pass that will help you go through the security gates with the child.

As soon as you will get to the gates, you can provide a short intro of yourself and inform United Airlines that your child is traveling alone.

After the verification, You can have a seat at the airport with your child until the flight departs

If The Flight Is Departing From Outside the U.S

A United Airlines representative will meet you and your child at the check-in counter. That will help your child to pass through the security and gates.

Note: It is advisable that you should be available at the airport till the flight departs.

United Airlines Boarding Highlights For Minor

  1. As per United Airlines Minor Policy, Minors will board first, before any regular passenger.
  2. United Airlines Flight Attendant will greet your child personally.
  3. The minor will get introduced to the pilot and to some in-flight staff.
  4. The flight attendant will help your child with the carry-on baggage.
  5. Your child will get aware of his/her seat by United in-flight Staff.
  6. All the safety instructions will be given to the child personally by the flight attendant.
  7. The minor will get aware with all the security features of the aircraft.
  8. United Airlines flight attendant will make the child aware of the snacks, amenities, and the toilet direction as well.

The inflight attendants will make sure that the journey of the minor will be most comfortable of all times. Not only this but how he/she can call the attendant in case he/she needs anything or in the case of emergency.

What Is There For Unaccompanied Minors During A Flight With United Airlines?

Well, United Airlines will definitely not want to ruin its reputation. Especially when it is related to its passengers and that also some unaccompanied minors. So let’s have a look at what actually United Airways offers and do with the minors during a flight.

  1. A United flight attendant will come to check the child from time to time through out the flight.
  2. The inflight staff will make the child aware of the call button near his/her seat. That a passenger can use in the case of emergency or if he/she needs anything.
  3. You child will get a free food package on the flights that offer food services.
  4. Unaccompanied minors are allowed to take gel or liquid snacks. But make sure that it must be less than 3.4 oz. Because TSA security will not approve the same.

You can check the inflight entertainment options for your child. By visiting the United Airlines’ Flight Status Page. Because the entertainment options changes or you can say are different with different flights.

So if you see that the flight at which your child is flying offers personal device entertainment. Then you can certainly download United airlines’ App on their electronic device.

But you have to do it approx. 3 days prior to your flights or before arriving at the airport. Because that is how your child will gonna see the movies, cartoons or other channels. Definitely as per the age group of the minor traveling.

How you can take a hold of your child at the arrival airport?

So, once your child reaches the airport. A representative from United Airlines will meet the child and hand him to the parent/guardian who came to pick up the child. But let’s have a look at a bit of the detail about how actually it works?.

  1. The parents or the guradian of the minor must have to visit the United Airlines’ airport counter first.
  2. Get the gate pass from the United Counter at the airport that can help you go through the security and let you meet the child.
  3. However because of late night arrival of the flight. You may find that ticket counter is closed. So, in that case you can get your gate pass from the United Baggage service office.
  4. The gate information can be traced directly from United Airlines App, By visiting flight status tab or by simply visit visiting flight status section at United.com.
  5. In case if you find security check points are closed as the flight is arriving at late night. Then you can meet your child at the baggage claim section assigned to the flight.
  6. However, In the case of International flights, Your child must clear the customs and immigration first. You will be able to meet your child at the greetings area that is on the arrival level but outside the baggage claim area.

No matter, If it’s a domestic flight or an International flight with United Airlines. United Airport staff will first verify the ID of the Individual who will be going to drop-off and pick up the child.

In the verification procedure, The parents/guardian must have to sign a form that states that “You are accepting the custody of your child”.

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