Cancel Southwest Flight And Get 100% Refund In 24 Hours

How To Cancel Southwest Flight As Per The Cancellation Policy And Get Full Refund Every Time?. As We Know That, In This Pandemic Condition. Everyone Is Struggling To Get The Refund From Their Respective Airlines. That Is Why We Are Explaining How You Can Use Southwest Policies In Your Favor And Can Take Maximum Benefit From It.

Cancel Southwest Flight – 24 Hour Southwest Flight Cancellation

Southwest Have Separate Policies For Every Ticket And Fare Type They Offer. That’s Why If You Want To Get A Full Refund From The Airlines. You Must Cancel Southwest Flight As Per The Policies Stated By The Airline Company.

Not To Forget That. To Avail Full Refund. Your Southwest Cancellation Must Be As Per The Cancellation, Refund, And No-Show Policy.

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In Our Last Post, We Already Shared All The Customer Service Numbers Including The Number To Cancel Southwest Flight. So That, In The Case Of Last Minute Flight Cancellation Or Changes. You Can Get It Done In Seconds. Find Southwest Customer Service Numbers Here.

Cancel Southwest Sale Flight And Get A Full Refund

Even If The Tickets Had Been Booked In Southwest Airlines Sale $69. The Southwest Flight Cancel And Refund Policy Will Remain The Same For Every Ticket Type.

As We Know That Wanna Get Away Fares Are Non-Refundable Fare Type. That’s Why If You Cancel Your Southwest Airlines Sale Flight Due To Any Reason And The Cancellation Falls Good Under The Cancellation, Refund And No Show Policy. You, Will, Get The Complete Amount Back As A Future Credit Only.

Before, We Start Discussing Southwest Flight Cancellation Policy. Let’s Understand About The Fare And Ticket Type That The Airlines Offers.

3 Fare Types Are There On The Airlines Official Website. Every Passenger Have To Choose From Below Mentioned Fare Types As Per The Budget.

  1. Wanna Get Away
  2. Anytime
  3. Business Select

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Q. How Much Is The Fee To Cancel Southwest Flight?

Ans. There Is Absolutely No Fee Till The Time You Follow Southwest Flight Cancellation Policy.

Note:- Please Be Informed That All The Fares Are Not Refundable. Some Are Reusable Only. This means, You Will Only Get Future Credit With A Validity Of 1 Year Under Normal Travel Conditions.

Refundable And Reusable Tickets

  • Reusable:- Wanna Get Away, Anytime, And Business Select.
  • Refundable:- Anytime, And Business Select

Note:- Please Note, You Will Get Refunds For Refundable Tickets And Future Credit For Reusable Tickets. And That Also, If The Southwest Flight Cancellation Falls Good Not Only Under The Cancellation Policy. But Also Under The Southwest Refund Policy And No Show Policy As Well.

  • The Terms Remain Same Even For The Non-Refundable Tickets As Well.

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Definitions And Explanations: Reusable + Refundable Ticket Types, And “No Show” Policy.

  1. Reusable Ticket / Fare:- When You Cancel Southwest Flight. You, Will, Get A Future Credit Regardless Of The Ticket Type. But, You Have To Make Sure That The Cancellation Must Fall Good Under The “No Show Policy”. You Can Avail The Future Credit For The Non-Refundable Tickets As Well. Provided The Cancellation Must Be As Per The Polices Mentioned By The Airlines.
  2. Refundable Ticket / Fare:- As Per The Southwest Cancellation Policy. You, Will, Get 2 Options For Your Refundable Flight Tickets. According To Which You Can Get Full Refund Into Your Account Or You Can Ask Southwest Airlines To Provide You With A Future Travel Certificate. Which You Can Use To Book The Flight Of Same Or Higher Value. But Again, Even If You Hold A Refundable Ticket. Your Cancellation Must Follow The “No Show Policy” Terms.

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What Is Southwest No-show Policy?

If you are not planning to travel due to any un-favorable situations. Or you travel dates had been changed. Then, If you will not cancel your Southwest flight at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled flight and also you did not show up for for flight. Under this condition, You will be considered as “No Show”.

However, refunds as per the no-show policy depends upon the ticket or fare type you have with Southwest Airlines.

  1. Failing to cancel your Wanna Get Away flight ticket at least 10 min prior to your scheduled flight and being marked as a no-show. You will not get any refund for the tickets you purchased.
  2. For a Business Select, or Anytime fare holders. Being a No-show can still help you get a complete refund. Because your unused tickets will get converted to a reusable ticket. All the taxes and fees will also get added to the actual face value of the ticket.
  3. For Flight Tickets Booked With Reward Points: All the points including the taxes and fees (if any) will get re-deposited to the passenger’s Rapid Reward Account.

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Southwest Airlines FAQ

How To Cancel Southwest Flight That Is Non-Refundable?

If You Cancel Southwest Flight Ticket Within 24 Hours Of Booking. Irrespective Of The Ticket Type You Hold. You Can Get A Full Refund Back Into Your Card Or Bank Account.
Not Only This. But You Can Also Request The Southwest Airlines To Issue A Future Travel Voucher. Which You Can Use In Booking Your Flights Again.

What Happens If I Cancel The Flights Booked With LUV Voucher Or Gift Cards?

Well, If You Used Any Travel Voucher, Gift Card, Or Southwest LUV Voucher To Pay Or Book Any Part Of Your Ticket. Then, The Complete Value Will Be Refunded Back To The Source Card. But, You Can Not Cancel The Flight Online. You Have To Call Our Customer Service For The Same. You Can Dial (800) 435-9792

What Is The Southwest Cancellation Policy For Flights Booked With Reward Points?

If You Cancel Southwest Flight Booked With Reward Miles Or Reward Points With In 24 Hours Of Booking. You, Will, Get Full Points Back Into Your Card. And If You Cancel It After The 24 Hour Booking Window. But 10 Mins Prior To Flight Schedule.
Then A Future Credit Voucher Will Be There On The Passenger’s Name. Which Can Not Get Transferred Anyhow. But In This Case, The Taxes And Cancellation Charges Will Get Deducted From The Face Value Of The Ticket.

What Is The Cancellation Policy For Early Bird Check-In?

EarlyBird Check-In Are Non-Refundable Purchases. If Any Passenger Will Cancel The Flight. There Will Be No Refunds As Per The Southwest Flight Cancellation Policy. But If The Airlines Will Cancel The Flight. The Passenger Will Get Full Refund.

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How To Cancel Southwest Flight Online?

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Cancel Southwest Flight Tickets Online And Check Refunds.

  1. Visit The Official Website

    Visit The Southwest’s Official Website And Look Up For The Cancel / Change Tab On The Homepage Of

  2. Enter Your Details In The Boxes

    As Soon As You Will Click On The Change/Cancel Button. You, Will, See 3 Boxes In Which You Have To Put Your Alpha Numeric Confirmation Number Present On The Ticket. With Your First And Last Name.

  3. Select Cancel/Change And Hit Search

    If You Are Looking To Change Your Flight Ticket. Select Change And Click Search. But If You Are Looking To Cancel Southwest Flight. Then, Click On Cancel And Hit Search.

  4. Check Remaining Value Of Ticket Or Refund.

    You, Will, See The Remaining Value Of Your Flight Ticket (If Any) Is There. You Can Click On Refund To Get The Remaining Value Back To The Source Card Or Bank Account. But The Final Refund Value Depends Upon The Several Factors Like Type Of Tickets And The Time At Which You Requested The Cancellation

And That’s It. Yesss!!!! We Understand That The Article Is A Bit Long. But We Hope It Helps You Save Some Good Bucks!!!. Ohh! Wait. We Can Sum-up The Complete Article For You. So Don’t Forget To Read The Summary At The End

Southwest Flight Cancellation Due To Bad Weather

If Any Flight Cancellation Had Been Done By The Southwest Just Because Of Bad Weather. In That Case, The Complete Amount Of The Ticket Is Refunded Back You To Your Account With Southwest Airlines. So, That You Can USe The Amount To Rebook Your Flights Again.

But You Should Have To Check With The Airlines Directly To Get The Amount Back Into Your Bank Account Or Source Card You Used At The Time Booking The Flight.

In Simple Words Southwest Airlines Will Offer 2 Options And That Are:

  • You Can Change Your Flight Of The Same Route For Same Day Or Some Other Day. That Also Without Paying Any Fare Difference.
  • The Second Option Is, You Can Cancel Your Southwest Flight And Ask For A Complete Refund.

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Southwest Flight Cancellation Due To Health Issues [Updated]

Southwest Airlines Try To Become As Much Flexible As It Can With Its Policies. That’s Why, In The Case, If You Are Not Feeling Well And Have Some Health Issues. That Are Not Allowing Your To Do Air Travel. Then Here As Well. Southwest Airlines Will Offer You 2 Options.

  • If Anyhow Due To Some Emergency, If You Have To Fly. Then You Need Not Worry. Southwest Airlines Will Be There To Provide You An Emergency Medical Support Through Out Your Journey.
  • Or The Second Option Is. You Can Cancel The Flight And Ask For A Complete Refund Or You Can Change The Flight At Some Later Date. But You May Have To Pay The Fare Difference In This Case.

In The Case Of Illness, Southwest Airlines Request You To Make The Reservations Over The Call And Inform Them About Your Health Conditions At The Time Making Southwest Airlines Reservations. You Can Southwest Customer Service At Toll-Free:- +1-844-259-6001.

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Southwest Airlines COVID 19 Updates

Southwest Airlines Announces Many Modifications To Its Existing Schedule Of Flights. In Which Southwest Flight Cancellation Is The Prime Headline That Attracts Many Passenger’s Attention. Because Southwest Refund Policy Depends Upon The Southwest Flight Cancellation Due To Several Reasons.

Let’s See What Modifications Had Been Done Under The Impact Of COVID 19.

  • Under The Impact Of COVID 19. Almost 1500 Flights Had Been Cancelled By The Southwest Airlines Till May 2020 Until Further Notice.
  • As Per The Recent Update On Southwest’s Official Blog Under The Southwest Flight Cancellation Section. This Number May Go Above 2000 Flights Per Month.
  • On A Daily Basis. Approx 500 Southwest Flight Cancellation Had Been Done Till Now.
  • But The Good Thing Is That Airlines Is Modifying The Southwest Refund Policy As Well To Give The Max Benefit To Its Passengers.

Why Southwest Is Cancelling So Many Flights?

  • The First And Foremost Reason To Cancel Southwest Flight Is The COVID 19 Pandemic.
  • Just Because Of Coronavirus Pandemic. The Passengers Are Not Booking Much Of Flights.
  • Due To Which Most Of The Southwest Flights Had To Operate With Only 35% Of Passengers.
  • This Reduction In Number Of Passengers Pushing The Airline Toward Loses.
  • However, The Restriction Of The US Govt And Other Cross Border Countries To Restrict International Travel Is The Another Prime Reason To Cancel Southwest Flight.

Which Flights Are Being Cancelled?

  • If The Pair Of Cities Have Any Alternative Ways To Approach. Then You May See Southwest Flight Cancellation Approx 48 Hour Prior To Your Schedule.
  • Airlines Is Cancelling The Flights Having Stop Overs And Layovers.
  • You May See Airlines To Cancel Southwest Flight. If The Number Of Required Bookings Or Passengers Are Less.

Improvements In Southwest Refund Policy Due To COVID 19

  • The Validity Of The Travel Voucher And Future Credit Had Been Extended To 2 Years. You Can Say Upto May 2021.
  • Initially All The Refunds Will Be In The Form Of Future Credit Only.
  • You May Call (800) 435-9792. To Check How You Can Get Your Money Back As Per The Southwest Refund Policy.

A Complete Knowledge About Anything Can Save Your Life Sometimes.



Southwestern Flight Cancellation And Refund Policy.
  1. There Is No Fee To Cancel Southwest Flight
  2. Cancellation As Per The No Show Policy Can Give You Surprises.
  3. 24 Hours After The Booking Can Benefit You In Cancellation.
  4. Travel Vouchers Have A Default Validity Of 1 Year
  5. Wanna Get Away Is Non-Refundable But Is Reusable
  6. Business Select And Anytime Credit Voucher Are Non-Transferable.
  7. You, Will, Get Complete Reward Points Back If Follow The Policies.
  8. Failing To Cancel Your Flights At The Last 10 Mins Can Forfeit Your Ticket Value.
  9. EarlyBird Check-In Are Non-Refundable Purchases

Well, If You Still Find Any Issues While Cancelling Southwest Flight Tickets. Remember You Can Always Reach Us Through Call, Text, Or Whatsapp At Our Toll-Free Number.

But, If You Don’t Want To Call Us. Leave Your Questions Or Queries In The Comment Below. And We Shall Certainly Answer.

Thank You For Reading.

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